Manual transmission & Semi-automatic (no clutch) - Kawasaki KSR 110 PRO 2013

If you're going to buy Kawasaki KSR 110 PRO (2013), you'll have to choose two things. First of all is color of your new bike. There are available green, black, red and orange versions. Second big decision is about transmission. You can either pick up manual transmission or semi-automatic (without clutch). These choices are available at every shop. But not all combinations. Usually they have for example black, red and orange in semi-automatic version and green as a manual version. If you have to have specific combination of color and transmission, you'll have to wait a few days. If you're not picky and have enough cash, you can leave same day with new KSR 110.

Kawasaki KSR with semi-automatic transmission

Kawasaki KSR 110 PRO Semi-automatic transmission without clutch

Fully automatic motorbike means, that you will simply press button and motorbike will start. Than you're just using throttle to speed up and down. No shifting gears, no nothing. First version of KSR is semi-automatic. It's basically the same as automatic version. You will press button to start motorbike. By using throttle you'll speed up to 10 Km/h (7 Mph) and at this moment motorbike can't go faster. So you'll change gear to second gear by your left foot. This one allows you to go 10 Km/h (7 Mph) to 30 Km/h (20 Mph). You're not using clutch, there isn't any. You're just controlling speed by throttle and by gear shifter changing range of available speeds. That's it.

Kawasaki KSR with fully manual transmission

Kawasaki KSR with manual transmission

If you're from USA, you'll be familiar with semi-automatic. If you're from Europe, you'll be more familiar with manual transmission. And for Asians it doesn't matter. Second version of Kawasaki KSR is fully manual transmission. It means, that it has clutch and you have to use it. Let's compare changing gears. Semi-automatic: you're driving, change gear by foot, you're driving. Automatic: you're driving, you have to release throttle, at the same time use clutch, change gear by foot, at the same time releasing clutch and speeding up by throttle. And when I'm typing "at the same time" it means, that it's not easy. It takes at least one full day of training to learn how to use clutch and throttle together.

Is price or performance different?

Kawasaki KSR gearshift lever

You can choose color and type of transmission. It doesn't matter if your new Kawasaki KSR will be red or green. Or if you choose manual or semi-automatic transmission. Its performance is the same and even price is the same. When you see another Kawasaki KSR 110 at the road you can't tell if it's manual or semi-automatic. There's just one tiny difference: semi-automatic comes without clutch. Clutch is hidden inside motorbike and transmission is it using on its own. Manual version has two levers at handlebar (clutch and front brake), semi-automatic just one (front brake). Now it's your turn to choose color and what type of transmission you prefer.

Which one to choose? I recommend...

Kawasaki KSR handlebar with front brake and clutch

I have manual transmission and I personally recommend manual transmission to everybody. Although majority of buyers choose semi-automatic. I don't know why, probably they are scared of clutch. Semi-automatic is easier to learn, it takes about 10 minutes to master it. With manual you will be really struggling for the first day. And it takes about a weak to drive really good. But once you learn and understand manual transmission, you'll love it. Especially because you have bigger control over the motorbike and you can do things, that you can't do without clutch. Semi-automatic is good to drive from point A to point B. Manual is for people, who loves motorbikes and want to enjoy rides. Definitely go for manual.

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