Details & Specification - Kawasaki KSR 110 PRO 2013

Kawasaki KSR 110 PRO is motorbike manufacture in Thailand and designed for south Asia market. By its size is designed for Thai people (smaller Asians) and by its performance is perfect for Thai traffic. Yet even bigger person can have a lot of fun with this bike. Driving in the city or even taking this bike to dirt road between rice fields. Without any discussion it's the best looking bike available in 110cc (cm³) - 125cc (cm³) category (scooters). The latest models is 2013, which is improved version of 2009 and 2011. You can recognize 2013 at first sight by its modern headlight (pointed shape). Model from 2009 and 2011 had oval headlight.

Engine - a little bit stronger than scooter

Kawasaki KSR 110 PRO 2013

The most important parameter here is displacement. Basically it says how much power this motorbike has. As you can see in table below, Kawasaki's KSR 110 displacement is 111cc (cm³). In its name it's rounded to 110 (Kawasaki KSR 110 PRO). All around Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines you can see small scooters. Displacement of these scooter is between 115cc (cm³) and 125cc (cm³). But you have to consider, that displacement isn't everything. So even with 111cc (cm³) you will get a little bit stronger and quicker motorbike than scooter is. If you need motorbike, that takes you to market or shopping mall, this bike is perfect. Kawasaki KSR also looks awesome. And thanks to its frame you can drive it off-road. Where even stronger scooter would fail miserably.

Engine TypeAir-cooled, 4-stroke, Single cylinder, SOHC, 2 valves
Bore & Stroke(mm)53.0 mm x 50.6 mm
Displacement (cm³)111 cm³
Compression Ratio9.5 :1
a) Maximum power5.8 kW {7.9 PS} @ 8,000 rpm
b) Maximum torque8.1 N·m {0.82 kgf·m} @ 6,000 rpm
Fuel System CarburetorKEIHIN PB18
StartingKick & electric starter
IgnitionBattery and coil (transistorized)
LubricationForced lubrication (wet sump)

Drive train - time to your decision

Manual transmission with clutch lever

If you want to buy this mini supersport bike, there are two decisions ahead. First is what color do you like. KSR is available in green, black, red and orange. And second big decision is, if you prefer manual transmission or semi-automatic. If you pick up green or black, if you choose semi-automatic or manual, there's not any difference in price of this motorbike. All parts and performance is the same. It's all about what color do you prefer and how you want to change gears. If you buy manual, you'll have to use clutch by your own. It's more complicated, but if you master it, driving is more enjoyable. If you choose semi-automatic, motorbike will take care of clutch and you will be just changing gears up and down. Is left lever at handlebar missing? Than you are dealing with semi-automatic version without manual clutch. It's much easier and majority of people prefers it (especially women and Americans).

Transmission4-speed, Constant mesh, Return shift
1st Gear ratio:3.000 (36/12)
2nd Gear ratio:1.937 (31/16)
3rd Gear ratio1.350 (27/20)
4th Gear ratio:1.086 (25/23)
Final reduction ratio2.066 (31/15)
ClutchCentrifugal and wet multi disc

Tyres and Brakes - original are good enough

Back tyre and rear brake

KSR is sold with standard road tyres. Of course you can buy off-road tyres and change them. But there's no reason for this. Even standard tyres are performing great at slippery dirt road after big rain. Tyres of KSR are huge if compared to any other scooter's tyres. They're 3 to 4 times wider then any other tyres on 125cc (cm³) motorbike. Which is a big advantage. Front brake is controlled by your right hand and rear brake is controlled by your right leg. Front brake is very powerful and you will be using it all the time. Rear brake is weaker, but still good. For some people pedal is in weird position and getting you foot on there could be a little bit difficult. Especially when you have to do it in a split of a second. It's because KSR is designed for smaller people, longer leg means problem. With brand new motorbike you can experience problems of performance. Efficiency of brakes (etc.) should improve after professional adjusting. Quality dealer should offer this service for free. Don't forget to ask also for testing and adjusting clutch and fuel injection.

Tyre front100/90-12 49J Tubeless
Tyre rear100/90-12 49J Tubeless
Brake FrontSingle disc
Brake RearSingle disc

Frame and Suspension - very flexible motorbike

Back frame and its suspension

Kawasaki KSR is designer for small and slim people like Thais (Asians). So when somebody bigger sits at this motorbike, it goes down by 4 cm (2 inch). Same flexibility KSR shows at dirt roads. All over Thailand and south Asia you can see special bike shows. And almost all of these shows are using Kawasaki KSR 110. Because of its awesome design, good performance and flexibility. This is one of the few motorbikes, that were designed specially for south Asia. And designers were aware, that this part of the world is not just about solid roads and highways. KSR will also perform very good at dirt road full of potholes and bumps.

Suspension: Front TypeTelescopic fork (upside-down)
Suspension: Rear TypeSwing arm
Frame: TypeTube backbone
Frame: Caster (rake)26º

Dimensions - designed for Asians, but you will fit in

Dimension of back seat

Although Kawasaki KSR 110 is designed for smaller people, you will fit in. There's one secret, that wasn't mentioned before. KSR is for one person only. There aren't even pillion passenger foot pegs, you'll have to buy them separately. But Thais are always driving with at least one person seated behind them. Designers were aware of this, so they created motorbike for one person only, where 2 Thais can fit in. That's why this bike is big enough for non-Asians too. Question is, will you fit in with your girlfriend or boyfriend behind you? Probably yes, but it will be comfortable for 10 Km most. Fuel capacity is 7.3 liter, which means 150 Km/200 Km (95 miles/125 miles) per one tank.

Overall length1,670 mm
Overall width705 mm
Overall height995 mm
Wheelbase1,165 mm
Ground clearance225 mm
Curb mass85 kg
Fuel capacity7.3 liters
Seat height750 mm

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