Big Review, Experience by real owner - Kawasaki KSR 110 PRO 2013

I personally own Kawasaki KSR 110 PRO for over a one month. And I'm writing this review after first 1000 Km with this motorbike. So far I rode it at solid roads, dirt roads and also at highways. I chose green version with manual transmission, which you can see at the pictures. I didn't upgrade it in any way, just added pillion passenger foot pegs. Before I bought KSR and it was delivered to my home I never drove Kawasaki KSR 110. It was a big risk and I didn't know what to expect, except I will get good looking bike. And I can tell you conclusion of this review right now. If I could go back in time, I would buy it again. Kawasaki KSR 110 PRO is awesome motorbike. Especially if you live in south Asia.

What is Kawasaki KSR - Technical parameters

Kawasaki KSR 110 PRO 2013 - Review

KSR's displacement is 111cc (cm³), round it to 110 and now you can see, why it's called Kawasaki KSR 110. Its displacement compared to average scooters, that you can see at roads all over south Asia, it's little bit less. Since displacement isn't everything, KSR is a bit stronger and quicker than scooters. 4-speed transmission is maybe a little bit much, because KSR 110 isn't so powerful and even 3-speed would do it. Since changing gears is a part of the fun of riding motorbike, 4-speed transmissions isn't big deal. Kick & electric starter is a standard. Fuel capacity is 7.3 liter, which means 150 Km/200 Km (95 miles/125 miles) per one tank. Top speed is about 110 Km/h (70 mph), believe it or not, it's enough for this type of motorbike. If you're interested in full specification you can visit main page, where is table of technical parameters.

Buying motorbike - What can you choose?

Manual transmission with clutch (Kawasaki KSR)

Two decisions are ahead. What type of transmission and what color do you want. Available colors are green, black, red and orange. It's just color, all parts, price and performance is the same. And you can choose between manual transmission and semi-automatic (without clutch). Again, parts, price and performance is the same, there's just difference how you'll be changing gears. With manual transmission you have to press clutch every time you're changing gear. And starting of motorbike is a little bit more difficult. With semi-automatic transmission you can change gears without pressing clutch (there's no clutch). You will be just changing gears up and down and motorbike will take care about clutch. For some unknown reasons semi-automatic version is much more popular than manual. Yes, learning how to drive manual transmission takes a whole day. And master it takes about a week. But riding motorbike, when you mastered controlling clutch, is far more enjoyable and you have bigger control over the motorbike. But still, majority of buyers prefers semi-automatic.

Just solid roads? Take it to dirt road

KSR front view of bike

You can drive this motorbike literally everywhere. For its wide tyres aren't problem any turn at any speed at solid road. But it would be boring all the time riding just solid roads. Without any trouble you can turn to any dirt road and it will perform good as well. Especially thanks to well designed frame and over-dimensioned front and rear suspension. You can drive right through potholes and bumps without feeling anything. Even after rain, when dirt road is slippery, you won't see any difference thanks to good tyres. There are available on the market also off road tyres, which I don't recommend. Standard are good enough even at dirt roads. And different tyres would just increase consumption of gasoline of your bike. There's also available a lots of tuning parts for KSR. I saw a lot of KSR 110 PRO, that were modified so highly, that I almost didn't recognize them. As I said at the beginning of review, adding pillion passenger foot pegs are enough for me. But If you're fan of modifying, you'll not having a problem finding a lot of new parts.

KSR is bike for joy rides, practical not at all

KSR motorbike tachometer and speedometer

KSR looks awesome. Its design can't be beaten by any 110cc (cm³) - 125cc (cm³) bike at the market. It's really fun to ride and first few weeks you will be driving every day just because of joy of ride. Not because you have to go somewhere. KSR is everything, but not practical motorbike. First of all it's designed as a one person only. It means, that there aren't even pillion passenger foot pegs (you have to buy them separately). Of course, you can ride with second person, but it's comfortable for 10 Km most. Secondly you can't carry anything with you. There's not any hook for shopping bags as other scooters has. Since I recommend KSR with manual transmission, you can't even use your left hand for holding shopping bags. If you take this bike for joy ride, it will be awesome experience. But if you have to take your girlfriend or boyfriend somewhere, it can't be too far. And don't forget to take backpack to your local market, it's the only way how you can take anything back with you. But at the end of the day - who cares if it's practical? You'll have to take backpack for grocery with you, but you will have great looking bike with great performance.

What other people thinks about KSR

Engine and kick starter

When I bought this bike a lot of people asked me, If they can ride it. In Thailand is KSR very popular and everybody would like to own one. Especially young people. But because of it's price not everybody can afford it. For price of new KSR 110 PRO you can buy almost two new scooters. I borrowed my bike to other people and we came to the same conclusion. It looks great, is very easy to drive (even manual) and yet it's just 111cc (cm³), it's very powerful. Top speed is about 110 Km/h (70 Mph). Many times I drove at the highway, but I never tested maximum speed. Even 70 Km/h (45 Mph) is really enough for me at this type of bike. And I'm glad knowing, that KSR still has some reserve for me. Some people at the internet are against KSR and recommend stronger bikes above 250cc (cm³). First of all I think, that they never drove KSR. Secondly, they probably never drive in Thai (Asia) traffic. Because they would realize, that KSR 110 is perfect for these types of roads and traffic.

What I dislike about Kawasaki KSR 110 KSR

Kawasaki KSR rear break and tyre

I have two big problems with this motorbike. Inside is installed very weak battery. It can supply only winkers and electric starter. Not headlight. Headlight is supply from (running) engine. And to shine well it needs full power of engine. Without full output from the engine headlight is very weak. And it's a big problem. Imagine that is midnight and you are riding in rural area without street lamps. In front of you is big turn, so you will slow down. It means, that power of engine goes rapidly down and headlight stops shining. And you are going into that turn totally blind. After turn is straight road and thanks to full power of engine headlight works again. But it didn't work in the turn, where it was most needed. My second big problem is with rear brake. Kawasaki KSR is designed for south Asia market and for small Asians with short legs. If somebody taller sits on this bike, he has bent legs in different angle. And it's a little bit difficult to reach rear break with right foot. And even if you somehow reach rear break, than it's a little weak. At the end you will end up using just front break.

Why is this awesome bike & Final conclusion of review

I'm not trying to sell you this motorbike, so I can be honest in this review.

  • design & frame - totally awesome, best looking bike at the market at this category
  • good performance - for driving in cities and dirt roads it's enough, 111cc (cm³), 110 Km/h (70 mph)
  • suspension - over-dimensioned, it's almost like a pit bike
  • transmission - you can choose if you prefer manual or semi-automatic
  • use - drive well at solid roads and at dirt roads too, needed at south Asia
  • modifying - a lot of parts on the market, you can modify any part from exhaust to handlebars
  • very popular - well known bike, any shop here can repair it and have spare parts
  • small seat - motorbike is designed as one person only (but 2 persons will fit in)
  • storage - no hook, not even space for helmet under the seat
  • weak battery - without full output from the engine headlight shuts down
  • rear brake - lower efficiency, for bigger people not easy to reach
  • for Asia only - complicated to buy KSR outside of south Asia
  • gasoline 95 - more expensive, not available at every gas station

Should you buy this motorbike?

KSR Service kit Kawasaki KSR without seat

Yes, you should. I drive over 10 different motorbikes in 110cc (cm³) - 125cc (cm³) category. And Kawasaki KSR is the best and my the most favorite bike. Are you interested how much KSR 110 PRO costs? Or how to buy motorbike in Thailand and what will you need? Continue reading articles below.

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